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The Atlantic Sound Factory -- ASF Radio

40 Years of great music from the USA and the UK

On February 11th 2005, at 7pm, with an initial maximum supported concurrent listener capacity of 9 at 64k mono, ASF Radio began broadcasting. His name is John and he runs the Atlantic Sound Factory as his hobby not his job -- it is completely listener-supported. Fast-Forward to today -- now with over 170 hours of rock solid, great-sounding classics and the best of today's new music, ASF Radio reaches thousands of listeners in over 50 nations.

ASF Radio's "No Repeat Workweek" runs every week, Monday through Friday, with a fresh playlist every day. You'll hear classics and obscure tracks from the past 40 years, blended with today's best new music. Tune in for 15 consecutive hours or less at work each day and you won't hear the same song more than one time each week. Friday's "No Repeat Workweek" playlist continues, supplemented with requests from our full database (requests accepted via their website).

WaltS' Note: I run ASF Radio 11 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and even more hours on the weekend!


Because the WNEW-FM (102.7 on your NYC dial) that existed from 1967 until the mid / late '90s; the WNEW-FM that became famous and influenced rock listenership as well as the rock industry; the WNEW-FM that had disc jockeys who would broadcast in ways that bore out their personalities:

  • Morning Fixture Dave Herman who was not afraid to mix Erik Satie or Donna Summer into the playlist;

  • Noontime Stalwart Pete Fornatale who promoted The Beach Boys when it was not fashionable and later started his eclectic weekend Mixed Bag program;

  • Afternoon Legend Scott Muni who would use his gravelly voice to introduce largely unknown British artists on his "Things From England" segments;

  • Nighttime Host Jonathan Schwartz who was a raconteur that would sneak in the Sinatra pop standards that he not-so-secretly liked better than rock;

  • Overnight Presence Alison "The Nightbird" Steele who would play space rock groups in between readings of her equally spacey poems;

  • Weekend Personality Vin Scelsa who started his idiosyncratic Idiots' Delight program which soon gained a devoted following;

  • And other well-known disc jockeys included Bill (Rosko) Mercer, Dennis Elsas, Richard Neer, Dan Neer, Pam Merly, John Zacherle ("assisted" on rare occasions by "My Dear"), Carol Miller and Pat St. John; that WNEW-FM no... longer... exists.

    However, ASF Radio and John do exist, and they are, indeed, a worthy listen.

    p.s. A "tip 'o the hat" to Wikipedia for remembering WNEW-FM much better than I, ever could.


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