WaltS Corner of the Web

WaltS Corner of the Web
"It all began circa 1994, 1983, 1978, 1977, 1975, 1971, 1965, 1947, depending..."


"Work is life, you know, and without it, there's nothing but fear and insecurity."
John Lennon


"People need to be made more aware of the need to work at learning how to live because life is so quick and sometimes it goes away too quickly."

"Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art... Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art."
 - Andy Warhol

After over three-decades as a Certified Public Accountant whose specialties included management consulting and information technologies -- I cut my teeth on an IBM 1130 in 1965 -- I now find myself as the Town of Oyster Bay's Veteran Services Division Veteran Services Officer ("TOBay's VSD's VSO") -- a labor of love for my fellow Veterans.

I also find myself with a slew of authored programs, speeches, and articles. Some of which will find their way here.

Business Plan Writing - A source for info on...
Massapequas Plan 1995 - Decade old revitalization plan that still makes sense
My Town - And Information About It









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