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The Dorsai



Dorsai: There Were Two

The First: In Gordon R. Dickson's "future history" of humanity's physical and spiritual development, The Childe Cycle (“Cycle”) or as it is more commonly referred to, the Dorsai books, we see the development of the three Splinter Cultures, and the Others. The Friendlies were men and woman of enduring faith; the Exotics were philosophers and scientists who sought to know all there is to know; and The Dorsai, they were incomparable professional soldiers.

The Second: The Dorsai Embassy and its Mission. The Dorsai Embassy is a not-for-profit corporation chartered to provide computing hardware, software, consulting, and communications to not-for-profits, community service groups, the disadvantaged, the disabled, and the general public. From its beginning in 1986, Dorsai has provided an open forum for free speech and a platform for self instruction. Using the pool of existing resources, such as bandwidth, processing power, and the valuable knowledge base of our volunteer staffers, many not-for-profits, community organizations, schools, and libraries have enhanced their services to the public. Based on the "high-tech cadre" of Dorsai, groups from Chabad Lubavitch to the Lebanese Students Association have served their respective communities and proven that peaceful coexistence is possible.













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