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WaltS Corner of the Web
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The Dorsai Embassy - Exile!

The name on the sign that hung outside The Dorsai Embassy's first home - it had been a nightclub but it also stood for the Dorsai state-of-things, as it were. My original website was hosted by them from the early '90s until 2005 when "they" decided to stop hosting.

To Jack and Charles, Tony,  Skip, Whit, Matt, and Ira I say Shai Dorsai!

For the rest of us, a little from their past...

Dorsai Mission
The Dorsai Embassy is a not-for-profit corporation chartered to provide computing hardware, software, consulting, and communications to not-for-profits, community service groups, the disadvantaged, the disabled, and the general public. From its beginning in 1986, Dorsai has provided an open forum for free speech and a platform for self instruction. Using the pool of existing resources, such as bandwidth, processing power, and the valuable knowledge base of our volunteer staffers, many not-for-profits, community organizations, schools, and libraries have enhanced their services to the public. Based on the "high-tech cadre" of Dorsai, groups from Chabad Lubavitch to the Lebanese Students Association have served their respective communities and proven that peaceful coexistence is possible.

The Dorsai Embassy Staff
The Dorsai Embassy Network Operations Center staff is comprised of a number of volunteers. (All Dorsai staffers retain regular 9-5 jobs in the computer industry, most staffers work in the financial arena.) The total years of experience in networking and communications totals over hundreds of man years. .


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