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WaltS Corner of the Web
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For those who forgot your 8th-grade English, Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, defined by it's structure of seventeen syllables, usually having something to do with the seasons or weather, and in the format:

  • First line: 5 syllables
  • Second line: 7 syllables
  • Third line: 5 syllables
  • I don't claim to be good - just claim to have written what follows:

    Many words are said
    Some even merit saying
    Some said even bloom...

    He lurks but comments
    Truth is what you make of it
    Shared but lurking still

    But one comment stands
    Truth is what you make of it
    Others may differ

    Flames taken not meant
    How to ignore what isn't
    Can snowflakes unmelt

    There are times when it
    Doing nothing in itself
    Is the best reward...


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