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A Veteran From TOBay

Where to begin -- or should I say when...

Trying to get the real basics laid out, and until later, for now I'll direct you to my existing blog entitled -- wait for it -- A Veteran From TOBay. (So, what did you expect!?!) One decision I have to make is how much, if any, of the blog to transfer here. Although the blog postings are a tad old, they still merit a look.

May I also direct you to my weekly column at Long Island Dot Com - geared to the Long Island (NY) veteran, but which all will find interesting.

For my fellow Mensans, here is the link to our Armed Forces & Military Veterans SIG phpBB3. To gain full access, see the following paragraph.

For those Veterans who got here using one of the various links I've salted throughout the internet's ether, if you have a question you are trying to get answered or just want to chat, please log in to my bulletin-board, register, and leave me a note (once you register you'll see where).

A brochure series on (Veteran) Mental Illness and Work is available.

For those who also hail from Nassau County, what follows are links to information concerning our three Towns' and our County's veteran service offices:


The Town of Oyster Bay Veterans Services Division

The Town of Hempstead Veteran Services

The Town of North Hempstead Veteran / Community Services

Nassau County Veterans Services Agency









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